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  •  My formerly Republican husband (4+ / 0-)
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    can not stand Mitt Romney, and thinks Obama has done a really good job given the hand he was dealt.  He had voted Republican until 2008, and I was sure he would vote for McCain because of the military background (my hubbie was in the Marines in his youth), but he voted for Obama, and he's sticking with him this year, despite the lackluster job numbers.   He thinks Romney is a total phony.

    We live in a conservative rural area, where there are some Tea Party adherents, but we are hearing people who were reliably Republican turned off by this Republican party.  

    Our differing politics was a problem for us when we first got together in 2005 (I couldn't believe he had voted for Bush, and almost ended the relationship then and there), but slowly, slowly, his eyes were opened, and now he supports Obama and thinks he's a decent, intelligent man who has been given a bad situation and is trying his best.  

    So . . . HOPE is still alive!  And CHANGE is always possible!

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