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View Diary: PA Conservative Columnist Hammers Gov. Tom Corbett on PSU Rape Scandal (139 comments)

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    Yesterday I watched part of ESPN's OTL program and TWO guests, including the kid from PSU's student newspaper, were saying that giving PSU the death penalty wouldn't help the victims. Oh really? It would be a powerful deterrent for any NCAA member school trying to sweep a scandal under the rug. My take, as well as that of Robb Parker, was that if PSU escapes the death penalty that the football program will suffer no repercussions for covering up for Sandusky.

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      Penn State is going to be tarred with this for a long time. At least one person is going to prison and others will likely face legal sanctions.

      To state that the football program will suffer no repercussions is asinine. They're already suffering some.

      The NCAA is simply not the proper venue for this. I know the angry mob would like the NCAA to act swiftly, but it's not the proper role of the NCAA to sanction PSU unless specific violations were uncovered (such as the examples of Baylor and SMU).

      The whole "institutional control" notion falls flat as well, since this wasn't a lack of institutional control - this was clearly well-controlled by the university. There was no lack of control at all. Also, "institutional control" as defined by the NCAA refers to violations of specific NCAA rules.

      It's not the NCAA's job to police law. That's what the courts are for.

      Now if you want to make the argument that the school should shut down the program, I'll support that argument. The school should do something to demonstrate that football is being de-emphasized, and take the necessary steps to ensure that the school's athletics program is subordinate to the academic mission.

      But it would be completely improper for the NCAA to act specifically in response to the Sandusky matter. Despite what Mark Emmert may say, he's not in the right. If violations are uncovered, unleash the hounds. But twisting the rulebook to satisfy an angry mob does not serve the interests of justice.

      If you want a powerful deterrent for schools trying to sweep a scandal under the rug - punish the individuals responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Prison ain't a picnic.

      Because this community is worth staying and fighting for.

      by Great Lakes Liberal on Tue Jul 17, 2012 at 10:39:26 AM PDT

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