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  •  Even though Obama's quote is completely (7+ / 0-)

    out of context, it is still true. Nobody, and this means Jobs, Kroc, or anyone, builds a business by themselves.

    •  But, roads build themselves! (3+ / 0-)

      This is the crux of the problem with the libertarian argument.   Most people nowdays pay no attention to infrastructure unless there is some sort of traffic bottleneck.   I live in a rural area and maintain my own road, as well as participating in the maintanence of the road that leads to my place.   I also participate in maintaining our common well.

      This is no small deal, it is several thousand dollars a year for our little community (15 houses.)    We don't have the money to put in concrete and asphalt (and some of us don't like asphalt anyway) so keeping the roads from disappearing is a yearly thing.  

      If the whole country were run like this, it would take five weeks to get your Amazon delivery from Seattle to New York.

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