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  •  Does Romney not realize that the past 80 years (4+ / 0-)
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    or so have had economic growth driven by the Government? Who do you think guaranteed the wiring of the nation for electricity? Who financed the invention of the microprocessor and the transistor? The government guaranteed utilities thats who. Who created the Internet? The Government. Who created the national highway system? The government. Who made radio and TV possible? The government. Who made land grant universities that produced engineers, teachers, and educated farmers? The government.

    Who created the military vendors that created Silicon Valley? The government. Who financed the research that made jet travel possible or air travel at all possible? The government. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did not invent the computer. The guys at Google did not invent the Internet. Papa John did not invent pizza. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. Others invented these things. The above named may have improved them or marketed them better but they are not inventors. And the research was frequently pioneered and paid for by the government. And these damn free market fantasy world inhabitants believe in a world where the government never does anything. But without our government the modern world does not exist. We would not have electricity much less computers.

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