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View Diary: When Everyone Turns Against Mitt, He's Still Got His Kids' Support... Maybe (100 comments)

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  •  I remember the way Righties flew to the kids' (1+ / 0-)
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    defense after someone pointed out that the young men were just the age to pick up a rifle and fight in the just and glorious Excellent Eyerack Adventure. "They had to make the decision that was right for them! Leave them aloooooooooone!" was the gist of it.

    Well, of course. Nobody's denying it's a personal decision. Yet somehow, the Pub mind has no problem reconciling military worship (until the dead or wounded come home, in which case they get a RECORDING of "Taps" or the back of society's hand, respectively), including "Real Amurrikins fight glorious wars" with "personal decisions" when other Republicans are involved. Dems whose personal decision is not to fight are, of course, cowards and draft dodgers and the dirtiest of DFH.

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