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View Diary: Bain Capital Still Sending Jobs to China in 2012 UPDATED (62 comments)

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    I got a great deal on the off-label laptop and never thought to see where it was that I looked it up you are right, it was made in China. So perhaps what I object to is Apples' high price, high profile, unapologetic China-made product line. If you criticize it you're shouted down as a communist, which is pretty rich.

    My first PC, back in 1993, was made in Ohio. In fact, our country, for many years, produced most of the personal computers. What's happened is that we've not only lost jobs, we've lost knowledge and capacity to do the stuff we were once very good at doing. And we lost it to a communist country not by accident but by the design of so-called capitalists. I find it disgusting.

    So I will continue to say I won't buy Apple and I'll tell people why and hope that it ripples out and maybe Americans will wake up and use their willpower to bring this stuff back home again.

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