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View Diary: Romney says releasing his tax returns would hurt him politically (203 comments)

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    a clear connection has to be formed between Romney's tax returns and GOP tax policy writ large. that's very hard to do, but Romney may just be the guy to do it....with Obama's help.

    i remember trying to explain this to work colleauges when the W tax cuts were first put in place. taxes were cut on things they never see, like siginifcant dividend income, but that to the owners of the company we worked for were worth tens of thousands of dollars. so no major benefit to us, but huge benefit to people that were already doing pretty well.

    when you finance that loss of tax revenue with deficits, and then pay for the deficits with cuts on stuff the middle class needs, you just picked the pocket of middle class tax payers because their taxes are staying flat but they are getting less for it.

    when I tried to explain that's what I  expected to happen at the time, needless to say there were a lot of glazed over eyes. but i have to say that is pretty much how this has played out.

    but Romney's returns might actually help the connection form. If you can overlay the timing of what he made and what he paid against what the economy was doing, what the deficits were, and what the GOP was trying to do with tax policy at the time, the pocket-picking aspect of it all is clear. and obama is just the guy to craft a killer convention speech that lays the whole thing out for the middle class to grasp.

    IF all that happens, Obama might just reach those working class whites he is missing right now that can turn a victory over Romney into a wider rout of the GOP.

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