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View Diary: Republican Rep. Sean Duffy closes door on constituent's minimum wage question (40 comments)

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  •  Uh, could he even feel any shame? (1+ / 0-)
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    I doubt it.  

    Let me predict that if a reporter asks about this encounter, he'll claim that he felt threatened (by a hobbling and very polite older gentleman and someone holding a camera) and needed to get out of there before he was attacked.

    The jerk even starts out with a friendly, "Hey, good to see you guys, how are you doing?" and I expected him to at least slow his pace and shake a hand.   Instead, he conducted a how-to of being an arrogant and disrespectul elected representative.  

    His aide had far more decorum and common sense--it seemed like he was coming around the back of the car probably to hand over a business card for the gentlemen to call the office.  Then he realized, oops!, he'd better get back in the car or he'll be left behind.  

    I hope this video gets a lot of can anyone justify that awful behavior?

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