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View Diary: World's elite loots at least $21 trillion and stashes it in tax-avoiding hideaways (211 comments)

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  •  instead of gut checks, one should do math checks, (1+ / 0-)
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    and Dkos doesn't look silly at all. Au contraire it is absolutely necessary that people start doing the math for real. The diary incites the desire to understand the numbers and what they mean.

    Your arrogant attitude is not helpful. Any US citizen should be able to understand the numbers. I am a nobody and did the following calculations feeling desperate at loss as a normal citizen with any fucking financial data:
    here and then I wondered how much tons of gold would you need to cover the 20 trillion, when I discovered that all the world-wide gold is not enough to cover the 20 trillion. So, that is weird. Yes.

    That's why one needs to calclulate and try to understand what's right and what's wrong.

    I listen to my guts a lot, but when it comes to numbers, they are either false or not and I don't need my guts to tell me what they are. I can calculate or at least should be able to calculate. And if the banksters and finanacial gurus  can't make calculations any 10th grader can follow,  they shouldn't be trusted and lose their jobs, because they are handling money of ordinary citizens, who had to earn it the hard way.

    And if this is all virtual money neither backed up by any physical printed money or gold, my question is what is it worth anyway?

    So, please write up hard fact explanations of the report you criticize in a non arrogant, non derogatory manner.

    Otherwise you look arrogant.

    •  Listen to math? (0+ / 0-)

      That's my whole point.  The "report" suggests that a few tax shelter islands have more money that the US, Japanese and Chinese economies combined.  

      It suggests that somehow $32 trillion can be squeezed into an industry that manages $12 trillion.

      There's so much wrong here -- Sarah Palin level wrong here -- that it's pretty tiring to go through what's wrong.

      But the diary is sort of on the level of saying that there's an object with sun sized mass in the center of the earth, when some of us know, from being able to do the math, that the orbits of the planets and sun couldn't possibly happen if that were true.

      The report referenced by the diary is little more than a scary ghost story told at campfires by boy scouts.

      •  That's not the size of the industry. That the (0+ / 0-)

        amount of money the biggest players in the industry are shoveling into off-shore accounts.

        Thinking the "food stamp challenge" teaches you about being poor is like thinking a camping trip will give you insight into being homeless.

        by JesseCW on Mon Jul 23, 2012 at 09:11:17 PM PDT

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      •  well, you can state that report is a scary ghost (0+ / 0-)

        story for boy scouts, but you didn't make a serious effort to go into the reporrt and refute what is said there based on facts and numbers you can prove (and not assume) to be wrong. You make some fuzzy analogies in images that are ... impressive but unconvincing.

        I can't imagine that someone can judge the report without having read the whole thing and talks about the facts and numbers and how they were deducted. (I didn't even open the link to the report, because I am pretty sure I don't understand what is said in there plus it's a lot of material in there, not just one reports but several).

        I saw that The Guardian, Der Spiegel, BBC have written about it and I just saw MB has quoted all the other "silly" print media who wrote about this report upthread as well. Nobody mentioned boy scout niveau.

        I would say the way you expressed your criticism is not crossing over as serious.

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