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View Diary: Is nuclear energy more expensive than offshore wind? (94 comments)

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    Wind 'operates around 75% of the time but at a lower power output.'   Exactly. Much lower, mostly.

      'asinine discussions about hydrogen salt storages.' Just trying to figure how renewables- only proponents plan to get to zero carbon ever, let alone in the few years Jim Hansen allows us. This seems to be the German plan.

      'Biogas as a peaker plant is in current use today.' There are a few small plants using landfill gas; keeps the methane out of the air, all good. Low capacity though. Nobody's getting in enough switchgrass or algae or crop stubble to take over from natural gas and keep a grid going while the wind turbines take an anticyclonic vacation. Usually it's enough to run your cowshed or whatever with an occasional surplus for export. Zero Carbon Australia had some optimistic plans for biogas, criticised elsewhere as unrealistic.

       'Sustainable energy without the hot air', by David Mackay,  puts some numbers on this stuff.

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