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View Diary: Oooh! Burn! House Dems introduce bill to require POTUS candidates to release 10 yrs of tax returns!! (93 comments)

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    It's just that Romney is such a weak opponent, ripe for the kicking.  His campaign is run by amateurs and he doesn't have any convictions or policy positions.  I'm holding out hope that this tiny sliver of spine that's showing might actually take up residence in the Democratic Party and stay a while.  Gosh, maybe even grow a bit.

    Because we've got tons and tons of dry powder we've been saving up for decades, sitting in secret Democratic Vaults just waiting to be used.  Perhaps we'll start parceling it out by the teaspoon full and when we don't actually blow a finger off we might start using it more and more.

    Meanwhile, if Harry Reid had any credibility with Progressives I would even take his promise of filibuster reform seriously... ha ha ha, who am I kidding?!?  When I first heard Harry Reid talking about the potential for filibuster reform, my first thought was, "oh, he must have internal polling that shows the Dems are going to lose control of the Senate..."  sigh

    [Terrorists] are a dime a dozen, they are all over the world and for every one we lock up there will be three to take his place. --Digby

    by rabel on Wed Jul 18, 2012 at 02:37:46 PM PDT

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      Rmoney, the RNC and the billions in super PAC money are about to start the onslaught.

      This is the calm before the storm.  Once they start they won't stop until the last vote is counted.  It is going to get uglier than you can imagine.

      Once that happens this will seem like a hundred years ago.

      Let's hope the pre-defining of Rmoney is enough to ride the storm out.

      Watching Mitt's strategy is what it looks like when you try to put an etch a sketch in a centrifuge.

      by AppleP on Wed Jul 18, 2012 at 06:24:42 PM PDT

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