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  •  The L word (5+ / 0-)

    one tactic I have used lately that at least slows the avalanche of stupid that comes up every time I bash my head against the conservative wall is to employ the word "lie", but in a specific way; "They have been lying to you" gets a moment's pause, whereas simply saying "Hannity is a liar" or "Fox Lies" does not.
    You have to make it personal, and thus absolve the person of blame for their own misinformation.
    Now, this is not the most accurate statement (i agree that participation in a democracy requires some initiative and self-educating), and I won't lay claim to having more than two complete conversions in the bag over the last decade, but facts don't work. Proof doesn't work. Reminding them of actual hard numbers on their own damn paychecks doesn't work.
    So I'm trying different tactics.
    I think your sister has a sense of what is going on in their tiny, fearful minds, and I think you are objectively correct. No wonder it was a battle royale.

    Class war has consequences, and we are living them.

    by kamarvt on Thu Jul 19, 2012 at 04:14:55 AM PDT

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