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  •  Chatted with an old person in California... (0+ / 0-)

    She thinks Prop 13 is great & has no problem with young married couples having to pay 10x the real estate tax as her (Prop 13 freezes RE tax until property is transferred). Then she said something about this country slipping over into Communism.

    I cut her off -- we were waiting for a play to start & I didn't want to start attacking the elderly lady in the next seat, as I would have done if she had said something about Obama & communism.

    On reflection, and if I'd spoken to her again later, I would have asked how she could worry about Communism when she is perfectly fine being subsidized by new home buyers. Surely such "redistribution of wealth" is what she was going to complain about.

    Even better, I should have just said "I take it you are a Republican?"

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