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View Diary: The Farm Maid's Tale: Jailed for Her Own Abortion (104 comments)

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  •  Hard Lives (4.00)

    Drowned, turned out onto the street, sold into slavery, pushed to work to help feed the family from the moment they could walk, suffocated, left to die of exposure, killed dozens of other grizzly ways...

    That's what life was like for the poor and middle class in the days before real legalized abortion. We all remember back-alley coathanger abortions, but it might also do some good to point out the other fates that await unwanted children when there's no abortion, no sex education, or no birth control.

    This is why I will never support an anti-choice, anti-woman candidate if an alternative is available. Never. These people want to return us to those days of horror for nothing more than their own personal power. Being anti-choice shows a remarkable lack of concern and feeling for the suffering of other human beings, something I think is completely and totally unacceptable in any elected representative.

    Monsters think it's all right to be a monster, after all. - Hitherby Dragons

    by RHunter on Mon May 02, 2005 at 06:38:49 PM PDT

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    •  Free will (4.00)
      I am not sure if this applies.  It may not.  But in all these discussions, I keep thinking of the fact (to me it's a fact, as I am a Christian) that God gave us free will, to choose good or bad.   Now someone's idea of good and bad may not be MY idea,  and there we clash. I will not give up my free will to satisfy someone else's idea of morality in the matter of abortion. It just is no one else's business but the mother's. It is she who will suffer either way, and it has always been this way.  
      •  Similar to My Outlook (4.00)

        Personally, I don't like abortion. It does indeed make me more than a little uncomfortable. I'm honestly not sure if it amounts to "taking a life" or not, or at what point it does... And I believe that we can never resolve this question. However, this does not mean that it should be outlawed, banned, or controlled in any way. The only person who has the right to make the call as to whether or not an abortion constitutes taking a life is the woman who's considering having one, possibly with the advice of her doctor.

        Where the government should focus its efforts is decreasing the demand for abortions by preventing unwanted pregnancies - addressing the root cause. This means sex education and easy access to contraception and emergency contraception, and finding some way to reduce or eliminate rape.

        Monsters think it's all right to be a monster, after all. - Hitherby Dragons

        by RHunter on Mon May 02, 2005 at 07:55:23 PM PDT

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      •  Free Will (4.00)
        What you believe is not a fact because you are Christian. It is but a belief you mistakenly regard as fact. Fact is objective; belief totally subjective. No matter how fervently you believe that you know what you only believe, you only believe it. Otherwise, I agree completely.
        •  A sage opinion (none)
          I've heard expressed somewhere before, albeit in a somewhat less succinct and more 'modified' form.  ;-)
        •  oops (none)
          I see what you mean, and you're right, of course.  Because I believe it certainly doesn't make it a fact.  (If that were the case there would have been  reindeer hooves on my rooftop every Christmas!)

          Next time I want to make a leap of logic I'll think of your post.  

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