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View Diary: The Farm Maid's Tale: Jailed for Her Own Abortion (104 comments)

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  •  Why should miscarriages be reported... (4.00)
    this feels oppressive to me. It's not anyone's business if I had a miscarriage.
    •  My mother miscarried... (4.00)
      twice before I was finally born. The first time she miscarried after only a couple of weeks and she didn't even think about going to the doctor for a couple of days. I hate to sound ignorant but if I was in her position it wouldn't occur to me to report a miscarriage except to my doctor in order for them to examine MY well being. And then what about the women who don't even realize that they're pregnant?

      I feel dirty thinking about how much the government is concerned with my body. Pretty soon they'll be forcing vitamins down my throat and requiring mandatory ovulation schedules for maximum production.

      •  maternal well-being (4.00)
        I don't agree with notification laws; that's more than a woman should have to bear at a very sad time. I've had two miscarriages, both early thank heavens but both very wanted babies. (Luckily my body seemed to have gotten the hang of pregnancy and the next two went to term and are watching the Disney channel right this very minute.)

        Having said that, if any of you female Kossacks miscarries do be sure you get checked out medically as soon as possible. Your medical team needs to be sure everything came out. Grisly but necessary. I was lucky both times and didn't have to undergo a D&C or anything, but friends were not; one hemmorhaged (spelling, sorry) badly after a miscarriage where not everything expelled. So, just sayin'. Take care of yourself, ladies.

        The New Homemaker: Family values belong to EVERYONE

        by LynnS on Mon May 02, 2005 at 08:08:37 PM PDT

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        •  Me too to practically all that, Lynn, (4.00)
          and having a couple miscarriages made me super-conscious of the potential inherent in an embryo, the possible baby-ness of it, and the life it already possessed (until it didn't).  And, even believing and feeling all that, I still want the option of abortion open to me and to everybody.  I doubt I would ever use it, but I certainly can imagine circumstances where I might.  It is a serious moral choice that should be available to everyone.

          What kills me is that this young, impoverished woman expressed that she was choosing to abort out of concern for the children she already had.  She's a loving mother.

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