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View Diary: The Farm Maid's Tale: Jailed for Her Own Abortion (104 comments)

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  •  There is an award-winning documentary (none)
    called 'Children Underground' which is about the huge numbers of abandoned children on the streets in Romania, where under Ceaucescu, abortion was illegal.. and women were imprisoned if they tried to aborth themselves.. (even the threat of prison didn't stop many from trying, so now many of the unwanted children have serious health issues..caused by their mothers - for example, drinking paint thinner.. etc..)

    Millions of children were abandoned.. Most died in horrible orphanages.. often from being neglected - starving to death, etc.. Now they live in the streets.. All over the world, over a billion children are abandoned.. That is 1/6 of the earths population..

    Thats what happens when the state tries to interfere with a woman's body...

    •  Desperation drives abortions (none)
      Women who used back alley abortionists must have known it was risky even to the point of death and still did it.  What does it say that women can prefer the possibility of injury or death to the certainty of pregnancy.

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