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View Diary: Romney: $98,000,000 stake in Mattel in 1999? He Announces Olympic sponsorship as stock crashes (195 comments)

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  •  SLOC Trustees must resign if "personal benefit" (2+ / 0-)
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    ... is substantial.

    Calling kossaks.  We need to figure out what "substantial personal benefit" means in the SLOC context.

    'White knight' for SLOC is Mitt Romney10 new trustees are appointed and ethics policies announced
    By Lisa Riley Roche and Alan Edwards
    Deseret News staff writers
    Published: Thursday, Feb. 11 1999

    This section discusses the new ethics policy regarding conflict-of-interest.

    As part of a new ethics policy dealing with conflicts of interests, the governor called on trustees who have dealings with the organizing committee that would provide them with "substantial personal benefit" to resign within 60 days.

    "Those who will be affected by it have done nothing wrong," Leavitt emphasized. The policy, rather, is intended as a prohibitive measure to avoid future problems.  

    "These have been some hard lessons that have been learned from our Olympic trouble," Leavitt said. "It's time to move on, and this is a way for it to move on." [emphasis mine]

    The authors list a few examples of "substantial personal benefit.
    In response to Leavitt's call, Layton resigned Thursday, effective Feb. 28, because of his construction contract with SLOC to cover the speed-skating oval at the Oquirrh Park Fitness Center in Kearns. He also renovated and expanded the University of Utah's Rice Stadium, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies. That contract was not with SLOC.

    Topham also resigned. He does not have contracts with SLOC, but he was a key member of the bid committee and said "it's time for someone else to carry the torch." He had been on the governor's and mayor's list for management committee candidates.

    Earl Holding, who has contracted with SLOC to use his Snowbasin resort for skiing events and who is often named as one with significant dealings with SLOC, did not resign.

    The board also established an open records and meeting policy. "The presumption will be that meetings are open," Leavitt said. "In the past, our presumption has been that meetings are closed."

    He also established a board attendance policy.

    [emphasis mine]

    Note: Leavitt is the Utah Governor, one of those who personally recruited Mitt Romney.

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