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View Diary: Brennan Center: 500,000 won't be able to get 'free' voter IDs (65 comments)

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    If I'm reading Crawford v. Marion County Election Board correctly, one of the reasons the Indiana law was deemed OK was because they have a little caveat that says if you can't afford the documentation to get an ID you can sign an affidavit saying so and then named affidavit would allow your provisional ballot to be accepted.

    My question is, do all of these state laws have this? I don't believe MN has it (though technically, they don't have a bill either). Has it been challenged it court without that caveat?

    These laws still suck and they're still wrong and this would still make people go out of the way, but this crap needs to be challenged in every way possible. Nit pick the hell out of it much like the other side does with abortion. Every time something new comes up, take it to court.

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