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    I see this in the low-income middle school I work at, as well as the many private schools I work at. In the middle school, which is public, many kids fail their classes. They have not been properly prepared, from the very beginning (home), and they are hopelessly behind, checked out, humiliated, alienated.... And they are promoted. There is no problem with getting an F in one or more classes, you WILL be promoted. You will not be able to "walk" if you don't somehow address the Fs in summer school. Otherwise, carry on.

    At the private schools, I have very engaged parents, and some of the "over"-engaged ones I think you also experience. These kids experience different kinds of stress, sometimes related to unrealistic parental expectations. However, they have food, shelter, medical care, and enrichment up the wazoo. Their parents and teachers know how they are doing and are quick to step in with help if needed.

    One of the test questions I use with kids has to do with the power going out on a stormy night. Middle class kids make the connection between the storm and the electricity; too many of my poor students assume it's because the power was shut off due to lack of payment. Hey, it happens to them all the time, rain or shine.

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