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  •  It was me that was being intentionally pejorative. (1+ / 0-)
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    Just Bob

    And I stand by it. I've spent enough time talking to DelBene that I've formed an opinion of her that is actually far worse than the mild epitaph of "tool." Do you really think that Koster wailing about Darcy paling around with a Kossack will make any difference?

    At some point progressives have to stop running away from progressivism, and thinking that electing Blue Dogs will lead to anything good.

    The phrase that I'm hearing over and over while talking to voters these days is "Neither party is worth a damn." Dems should take that as a personal indictment, not some sort of bipartisan slander, because what it means is "The Dems have sold us out too."

    Koster plays to anger. That anger is cultivated out of the real fear that average folks have for the future. Darcy is the only candidate that can speak to the fear. DelBene certainly can't, no one in distress who's watched what's gone on since 2007 is going to believe anyone mouthing her ridiculous platitudes. All her establishment Dem endorsements are worse than meaningless.

    Darcy's message of bringing our money home from Afghanistan  and putting it  to to work in WA01 to the tune of $250 million a year is far from the complete progressive story, but I think its pretty well crafted for the district. And at least she's going to get that message out, not one that we need to be nicer to the job creators.

    William O. Douglas- “I am for the individual over government, government over big business and the environment over all.”

    by WaltK on Sun Jul 22, 2012 at 10:02:01 PM PDT

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