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View Diary: Morally straight? Boy Scouts double down on their gay ban (118 comments)

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  •  Here's what chaps my backside... (7+ / 0-)

    There are arguably way more little girls who are sexually abused and raped by ostensibly straight men in the world than there are little boys.  Nobody equates heterosexuality with pedophilia in those cases.  There is an understanding that the men who perpetrate those assaults are pedophiles and that their orientation is not the most salient feature of their sexual perversion.  Nobody ever suggests that we remove all straight  men from positions in which they might have contact with little girls, like from teaching, coaching or church groups.

    But let a pedophile rape a little boy, and suddenly all gay men are suspect and calls for banning them from such positions are vociferous.

    This pisses me off on at least two levels:  
    1) We are rightly outraged that boys are sexually assaulted. However, in my opinion, we lack a similar level of cultural outrage at the sexual abuse of girls.  2) This leads, in part, to the conflation of pedophilia with one sexual orientation, thereby impugning  healthy adult consenting relationships among gay people.

    And on a personal note, I credit my experience in Girl Scouts as helping me realize, understand and embody my own lesbian identity in a healthy and life affirming way.  I suspect that would truly piss these troglodytes off.

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