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  •  I don't ever unfriend unless it's very uncalled (1+ / 0-)
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    for and I don't usually mean anything political.  I am far left and so my views are not going to be the exact same as all of my family and friends. I also am aware that I am certain to say things they don't agree with and would expect them to be adult about it and not instantly hit a block button, because their eyes are too tender to accept that our views are not all the same, all the time.

      So I am willing and able to hear other sides without getting furious and unfriend just because I disagree.  That is literally part of being a Progressive....tolerance.  
    If you can't even hear another side or listen to any other view other than your would you ever expect anyone to listen to you?? How would you ever expect to change anyone's mind, if they never hear you because you are so closed minded that you won't allow debate??  
    All views and all positions are valid as long as the holder of such is sincere.  Even if their views are callous to you or against everything you believe, you have to have some tolerance in order to listen, debate and then perhaps change a heart.  

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