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View Diary: Socialism Wins? Canadians Richer, Healthier, & More Socially Mobile Than Americans (154 comments)

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  •  It is not all the land of milk and honey here (6+ / 0-)

    As a Canadian, a Social Democrat, long time member of the New Democratic Party, and just one of a long time line of committed Social Democrats, CCFers, and NDPers, let me tell you it is not all unicorns and butterflies here.

    Under successive Liberal Party of Canada and Conservative Party led governments, Canada has seen the gap between rich and poor grow since 1976 by 289%. Over the last 30 plus years, the average Canadian industrial worker wage has fallen by 5000 dollars, and while over the last 10 years worker productivity has increased by 65%, worker wages have either fallen, or remained at best stagnant.

    The other issue we are dealing here is with a slow and steady attack on our institutions. Beginning with the Paul Martin budget of 1995, and continuing under succsssive Lib and PC-Conservative governments, many of our cherished programs have been under attack. From Martin stealing over 65 Billion dollars from the worker contributed Employment Insurance program to balance budgets, and his abandonment of the Federal Government authority to control the purse strings relating to health care through his creation of his no strings attached, block funding, health and social transfer program, the Feds have progressively allowed the programs to be under minded.

    Do not think that things here in Canada are without challenge. However, the rise of the NDP and its replacement of the Corporatist Liberal Party of Canada is the alternative to the Conservatives is a hopeful development.

    My point, yes, cheer what we have here, but understand that much has been done and is going to be done to try and overturn many of these accomplishments.

    •  The Story Of The Farmer And His Sons (3+ / 0-)
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      meralda, ozsea1, Mr Robert

      A farmer with a modest plot of land was dying, The land was in poor condition and had not been tilled for years.

      His sons came to see the father and ask if there was any inheritance.

      The father told the sons "There is treasure buried on the farm." then he died.

      The sons worked day and night digging up the land in search of the treasure... there was none.

      But in digging for treasure they had improved the land and secured for themselves economic security.

      So it is with social progress, there is no utopia but in striving for it, in the struggle, we secure a better (though imperfect) world.

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