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View Diary: Socialism Wins? Canadians Richer, Healthier, & More Socially Mobile Than Americans (154 comments)

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  •  during all the healthcare debates (13+ / 0-)

    we've had here over the past years, I've tried to point out something very practical.

    If you are a small business, say, a start-up company that is going to manufacture and sell outboard motors (I chose that because it sounds nice and wholesome), when you start your company, you're going to have to invest a certain amount of your time on a regular basis to insuring your employees.  Why?  Well, in the US, that's how people get insured, and potential workers don't flock as readily to jobs that won't insure their kids.  So you, as the employer, are burdened with the non-outboard-motor-production problem of finding insurance for your employees, paying insurance for your employees, having somebody whose job it is to keep track of all that shit for you, and having to argue with the insurance company if there's confusion about what types of things are covered and whether or not to switch to another provider.

    ON THE OTHER HAND... In Canada, you don't have to worry about ANY OF THAT SHIT.  You can just make outboard motors.  

    Process that for a moment.  It's crystal clear.  

    Now which of the above two situations is friendlier to the entrepreneur: the American one or the Canadian one?  Uh huh...

    And yet we don't even bother fighting with the Republicans over stuff like that.

    Of course, this argument would carry a lot more weight if ACA had actually offered a way for potential employers to shrug this burden off Canada-style, thus benefiting American entrepreneurs.  Oh, what a boast we could have made about that!  But, no, we're too gung-ho capitalist for that.  Instead, we have welfare programs for insurance companies.  

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