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  •  I am copying this comment I made on another diary (2+ / 0-)
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    over a year ago, in reply to your criticism of the Canada military being dependent on the United States for military protection.

    "Sorry you feel that way.

    Canada entered WW1 in 1914, WWII in 1939.

    Canada has been in charge in Kandahar province since 2002, purchased as I recall 118 F-18s, now in line for a purchase of JSF fighters ( having invested already in their huge development costs); has lost 153 soldiers in Afghanistan, a  high level diplomat, civilian development workers; has Navy ships doing interdiction in the Gulf, flew many sorties in the Gulf War. Runs the over-the-pole electronic listening program on the Russians, etc. Co-commands NORAD. We have one-tenth the population of the USA.  

    Like the US, we wore out our equipment in the terrbile conditions of Afghanistan - we bought new armoured transport, new heavy-lift planes, leased tanks and helicopters where we could find them, developed new armaments and techniques that were the envy of many. We increased the defence budget and personnel, but had no say in the decisions of the US president, we just had to follow along.  We too had to have a stimulus program.

    Now we are facing lean budgetary times to pay for our costs in Afghanistan and to fight the ripple effects from the mortgage bubble/scandal. We know we have to do this, there is no one saying we don't  have to pay the piper.

    And we are all very aware of the human costs- each casket comes home immediately and each arrival ceremony is televised live, nationwide on the main CBC network.  The Governor-General, Defence Minister and CDS are there in Trenton each time, the families are flown in.  As the hearse(s) drive the 80 miles to Toronto (where autopsy and final body preparations are done), every, I mean every, overpass is filled with respectful citizens, children, firetrucks, ambulances. Fields the whole way have people in them and the tv pix are on the news and some live coverage of the eighty miles. Every funeral and burial is televised, in every small town, families are interviewed, each soldier becomes a living person for every part of Canada. We do know the costs, in lives, grievously wounded for whom we care, and the dollars too.

    Americans were glad we were there on 9/11  to take in all the passengers on all the planes that were forbidden to proceed into US airspace. Whether it was Newfoundland, Labrador, Halifax, Montreal , Toronto, Vancouver, every plane was landed, parked, received and passsengers spirited to hotels or private homes. There is a group that have returned regularly to Newfoundland, to help in schools and communities, such were the ties that were formed.  

    Ties that run very deep, like my own in the US over many generations. I hope for the best.

    "...stories of past courage can define that ingredient..... But they cannot supply courage itself. For this each man must look into his own soul." JFK Profiles in Courage

    by ontario on Sat Jul 21, 2012 at 03:22:45 PM PDT

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