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View Diary: Obama's approval ratings exactly parallel to Bush's at same point in presidency (13 comments)

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    Obama is going to win.  At this point, I look at horoscopes.  
    Seriously.......for both candidates.  I did this in 2008 too.

    It gives me enormous comfort.  I'm already feeling relaxed.

    Today I had a small victory.  I was wearing my Obama-Biden hat.  A woman in the checkout line ahead of me starting yelling about the poor not paying any taxes, & that the rich already pay more than their fair share.  She called Obama a liar.  

    Let's just say we got into it.  After I left the store, she was still checking out.  Then we happened to met up again outside the store.

    Swear to God.  As soon as she saw me, she turned & literally ran away.  She ran off.  

    I'm wearing that hat every day from now until November 6th.  Let's just say I like to stir some sh*t.

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