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View Diary: Answering Your Questions at Frist Filibuster -- 3PM [Updated] (45 comments)

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  •  My floor statement (4.00)
    My name is Elizabeth from Madison, Wisconsin.

    I believe in a politics of compassion, of concern first for the least--for the poor, the sick, the elderly, children, the discriminated against and outcast, vicitms of violence and hunger the world over. I believe that as a basic expression of our shared humanity, a moral government should seek to do right by these first--and that we should be least concerned with helping the already prosperous.

    I don't think I'm alone in this, in fact I think most people agree with my priorities. Yet commonly the decisions made by our leaders bless the already-fortunate at the expense of the less well off. Part of the reason is that business and financial leaders spend vast sums of money advocating for their own benefit and cynically standing against the benefit of ordinary people. Another reason is the rise of propaganda favoring such economics as morally correct, produced by conservative think-tanks lavishly funded by the same business and financial leaders. They have even exploited religious conservatives in the service of this upside-down and un-Christian economic morality, by standing in solidarity with social conservatism. The power this alliance offers is especially irresistable to fundamentalist pharissees who aggressively seek to conform society and government with the laws of their religion.

    Yet ultimately the changes this conservative alliance seeks are antithetical to religion and human morality. They are against life, health, and liberty. They are not the American way, and certainly not the Christian way.

    There is no single perfect ideology for achieving a compassionate and healthy society. Liberals and conservatives, and all people of goodwill, must engage in an ongoing good-faith conversation about issues like healthcare for everyone, poverty here and worldwide, durable peace, and the promotion of family and community wellbeing. We can do better if we work together.

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