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View Diary: The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 10: Train Wrecks and Hockey Fights... And Some Hockey Rules To Consider (64 comments)

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  •  I love the metaphor generally... (9+ / 0-)

    ...which I think works on even a few more levels than you set out here, in terms of hockey fights being almost a ritualized form in the NHL with their own set of unwritten rules that are respected by the referees and linesmen as well as the players.

    But I do have to quibble with one thing: the hockey fight rules you mention there about people coming in off the bench aren't about the "third man in" during an ongoing two-person fight.

    They're for the thirteenth man in during an ongoing twelve-person fight.

    Coming onto the ice from the bench for a hockey fight is strictly verboten, but two players who are already on the ice starting another fight while the first fight is still going on won't result in any suspensions, just a bit of time in the penalty box.

    Line fights aren't all that common in the NHL, but they do happen at least a few times every season.

    (I also like that this diary gives me the chance to post the video from one of the greatest line fights of all time: the Hockeytown Brawl of '97.)

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