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View Diary: De-mythologizing the Wild West: gun laws were actually stricter then than now (42 comments)

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  •  In that the points are derived from cowboy movies (0+ / 0-)

    ...well... it's hard not to smile.

    As for my point, it's the flip side of the same coin, and I thought I was pretty clear.

    The Diarist makes the argument that gun control existed as demonstrated by the cowboy movie star who rode into to town, hitched his horse, and handed his gun over as he sauntered into the saloon. Thus, if iwe had gun control once, it could happen again.

    I presented a narrative of points that argue why it would be impossible to impose gun control laws in the America we live in today. It would cause a psychic crisis in the men folk and may result in total social chaos.

    What is your point?

    •  The point is you failed to make yours (0+ / 0-)

      Your point was that there was "So much wrong with this diary" yet you failed to support your point with what you wrote. You did not illustrate anything that was wrong with this diary. In fact, what you did write reads like a disconnected series of facts that do not add up to any point whatsoever.

      The point you make in the above comment, "We could not have gun control now," while certainly clearer, is similarly not supported by what you wrote. You did not present a coherent narrative that argues that gun control would cause a psychic crisis in men-folk.

      Sorry, no insult intended, just calling it like I see it. Hope this helps you make your points better in the future.

    •  Nothing you said contradicted (0+ / 0-)

      anything the diarist said.  Don't be an ass and say there is "so much wrong" with the diary if you're not going to explain what it supposedly got wrong and instead you're just going to agree with it.

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