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  •  SNC Emails: Clinton, Kilo, and Al-Farouq Batallion (0+ / 0-)
    SNC Emails: Clinton, Kilo, and Al-Farouq Batallion

    US State Department: Consider Safe Haven for Assad

    Among the emails found in SNC President Burhan Ghalioun’s inbox is an exchange with Matthew Irwin, Political Officer at Office of the Special Envoy for Middle East Peace in the US Department of State.

    After a series of meetings conducted by the State Department with SNC representatives at the end of 2011 – one of which included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – Irwin sent a document (see below) to the SNC detailing some of the difficulties it had in finding a safe haven for Syrian President Bashar Assad.
    Kilo to Ghalioun: Turkey and Qatar’s Positions Not Positive

    The second email is a correspondence from the well-known opposition intellectual Michel Kilo declining an invitation to meet with the SNC in Istanbul because of what he considered negative positions toward Syrians’ struggle on the part of Turkey and Qatar.
    Fighters in Homs: The al-Farouq Battalion is Killing Us

    In a third email, a report recaps a meeting with al-Haj Khodr al-Halwani (the leader of fighters in the [Khalid Ibn] al-Waleed’s Grandchildren Battalion in old Homs, Hamidiyeh, and Bustan al-Diwan), Abu Qais (Baba Amr), and a number of leaders of different groups in Homs.

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