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View Diary: Romney to Olympians: 'You didn't get here solely on your own' (101 comments)

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  •  And i know this may seem like the exploitation ... (7+ / 0-)

    ... of a tragedy for a political point, but bear with me.  It wasn't lost on me that Romney's first statement after the shooting (before his people could compose a better one) mentioned how sorry he was for the 15 people who died.  This figure of 15 was premature, and turned out to be wrong.  I thought it was quite irresponsible for him to be so specific as our collective understanding of the events was (and still is) unfolding.

    This man is going to be in charge of diplomacy around the world, where words most definitely matter?

    My apologies for the in-sensitivities of this observation, but it's among many feelings i was experiencing as the news unfolded.

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