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  •  Stop the profitability of deception. (0+ / 0-)

    The problem with capitalism is that it is self-destructive unless managed by strict regulations in place to serve the public interest.  This destructive tendency is harmful to not only society at large, but to most individuals within it.  There is activity that most people would not tolerate in a fair (and high information) market, so the solution is to hide the damaging information.

    The financial markets want to do the same type of information warfare that the cigarette companies did to obfuscate the link between their product and cancer.

    If your business model relies on falsehoods and tricking your customers, you are the enemy of the people.  There really needs to be more accountability to discourage businesses that build their careers on obfuscation and misinformation.  They are damaging to our society.

    There really need to be more people approaching problems from this angle.  Stop the profitability of deception.

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