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  •  "Corruption within the private sector" (12+ / 0-)

    The vast majority of the discourse on corruption (Transparency International, Global Integrity, etc.) focuses on the public sector -- government officials who sell off access, etc. The private-sector's role is portrayed as one of seeking influence from the government.

    The US has legalized much of what other countries consider to be corruption, in our campaign finance laws, like Buckley v Valeo and Citizens United.

    But there's another side of corruption, intra-private sector. It need not be outright criminal, under existing laws. But it is undermining the core of America, our competitiveness in the world, our productivity, and our sense of unity and community.

    Interlocking directorates, crony-capitalism, elite boards who scratch each other's backs, outrageous wealth for the 1%, declining standards for the 99%. We've seen this movie before, in the age of robber barons. Same sh*t, different century.

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