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  •  A point largely missed... diminished req for skill (0+ / 0-)

    Liberaldregs got most of it, above, in the discussion of productivity. But, in my opinion, here is the rest of the story: due to increased automation and tighter policies (ISO900x, etc) there is explicitly less need for high-skilled workers in general. Processes that once required a high degree of skill (which management was aware of, and - even if reluctantly - was willing to pay for) now frequently require much less skill; if any precision is required, it's in putting a part into the right place so that a robot can grab it and manipulate it into the final assembly with greater precision than the highest-skilled line worker. THIS is what's allowing CAT management (and others) to freeze out higher-paid, higher-skilled workers - EXCEPT for those who create and fix the robots. Those folks are still indispensable. We need to realize this, sad as it is: the valuable skill-sets have changed. And they will change further, faster.

    (Sorry for being so late to the party with this post..)

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