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  •  10 rules for common sense. Start the debate. (2+ / 0-)
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    Here is something that could be instituted by executive order. In the future, if debate bogs down.  The Nine new Rules for accountability.

    1  If you buy a pistol for personal use, to keep with you or at a residence, you must have 1 million dollars in liability insurance to guard against wrongful death. No insurance, 1 year in jail. No exceptions. This must be obtained prior to purchase and be confirmed at time of purchase.  Exceptions are target pistols at clubs or shooting events that are stored there at all times, never leave the premises except to an authorized gunsmith or gunshop for repair.

    2. The 7.62 mm NATO round for interchangeability for military use that is the backbone of automatic weapons and many pistols sold in the USA  is prohibited for civilian sale. Genuine SWAT teams, police and law enforcement that sore munitions at their place of work are exempt. No others.  This will reduce eventually the millions of handguns from operating where no accountability exists for munitions.

    3.  Every gun sale is to be made through a registered and licensed gun shop where the owner/operator is liable to keep accurate records and may at any point refuse a sale with impunity if he feels such refusal is in the public interest.

    4.  Private sales, such as social media, print  classified advertising, unadvertised (verbal) sales are expressly and completely forbidden as public health hazards with the seller having no accountability that will withstand a legal challenge.

    5.  Guns from individuals may be sold on consignment with authorized shops, where serial numbers and title of ownership is recorded and passed along to the new owner. Those guns will be kept in a database just the same as new purchases.  No black market in guns rule.

    6.  Pistol ammunition , except for law enforcement, may be sold to gun clubs, shooting ranges  that monitor and supervise the distribution and use at their facility.  No surplus or excess sales to individuals.  Only licensed gun shops may sell ammunition to permitted persons who have been certified to be allowed to buy and operate guns. Permit numbers of buyers will be kept in the database and alert registry.  

    7.  Guns may not be sold to any person who has not shown a proficiency test such as ratings achieved in military or police studies in real time actual use or a comprehensive study and mastery of armament and shooting skills and safety.  A passing grade is considered at least 85%. Any state not having such a requirement will be prohibited from selling weapons until and unless such a requirement and program is instituted and in force.

    8.  Guns will be considered a privilege of living in the USA. However abuse or change in status, such as mental health issues or conviction of a felony will require forfeiture of the weapons and restitution is only possible by agreement by certified physicians or executive order in the state of residence.

    9.  Persons on the no fly list, persons of interest to law enforcement, wanted in a criminal proceeding and also failure to appear warrants as well as any person cited by judges, peace keeping authorities  will be screened for by the data base. Licensed dealers will have real time communication with the updated list .  A refusal will be worked out with the person screened and the national data base network, not the gunshop.

    10. None of the preceding rules prempt more strict rules that may apply in certain locales, in certain cities and places where there is concern of abuse or lack of management of weapons  among amateurs and civilians such that the public is at risk.

    This currently under construction..

    by BeeDeeS on Tue Jul 24, 2012 at 11:55:54 AM PDT

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