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View Diary: Romney goes there: Obama's beliefs are 'in some respects foreign to the American experience' (204 comments)

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    The only thing that is "American" is making money. Mitt Romney takes this to the extreme. He thinks the only thing any "real American" should do is own a business. Well, guess what? Some of us are NOT interested in being Godalmighty CAPITALISTS. Some of us would rather spend our energies and lives on other pursuits. Some people are motivated to own a business...fine. If that's your thing. But some of us will never been super-rich becuase we would rather not spend the energy trying to climb to the top of the ivory tower. And WE are just as much "Real Americans" as they are.

    That's Mitt Romney's MO. Everyone should be like him. Everyone should focus ONLY on making money, money, money. Everything else comes secondary to him and his ilk. And EVERY decision a president should make should benefit ONLY business people and hyper-capitalists. Give me a freaking break!

    He's so clueless. He can't fathom any other way and he projects it on to everything and everyone he comes into contact with.

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