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  •  More to the point is the accident at Beaulac. (1+ / 0-)
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    Here is one take on it that is up at Politico

    Another with photos and a long running conversation at the foolmoon web site.

    Romney gave a half-dozen interviews to major publications in 2007 where he claimed that a "drunk priest" named "Albert Marie, age 46" had been speeding at "120 kph" on a "mountain road" and "swerved" into Romney's lane failing to pass a truck and causing the accident. Romney also says that the priest is dead as of 2007.

    That accident was June 16th 1968. A year and a month before Chappaquiddick.

    Occupy Security has found the priest. Alive at 90 years of age. Living at Saint-Die-de-Vosges. Full name is Bishop Jean-Felix-Albert-Marie Vilnet. Born in 1922 which made him 46 in 1968.

    Romney has a whole crew of liars helping him out to maintain this scheme. One is David Wood, who claims to have sued and received a "settlement" from the other driver, who we now know was Bishop Vilnet. Wood is a liar.

    We've checked and there was no "Albert Marie" in the priesthood at that time. Romney and his friends made it all up.

    Except the part about Leola Anderson dying from her injuries in the wreck.

    One shocking thing with this mess is that the Republican Party didn't spend 2 red cents to check out Romney. Same as for Cheney and for Palin. They never learn a thing ?

    The piece has photos. Bishop Vilnet, for one, sitting in his room at the Bazas hospital. There's also Mitt Romney in a regular hospital bed -- no where near the ICU with 1968 equipment you'd expect to see if the other part of his tale was true about being in a "coma" for two days.

    What a darn liar. He thinks the world doesn't know how to do research, nobody speaks French, and Occupy is going to sit back and watch the wingnuts steal another election.

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