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View Diary: Mitt Romney is a frequent and blatant liar. Why don't our guardians of discourse care? (154 comments)

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  •  The sad truth is... (18+ / 0-)

    there are so many ignorant people in this country that fall for lies; therefore, the lies pay off.

    •  Yup.... (5+ / 0-)

      And what's even sadder and most inexcusable is that this exists in an era of almost instantaneous information with innumerable ways of fact checking what someone says, to verify the honesty of a statement.
      Willfull ignorance on a grand scale.

      I think, therefore I am........................... Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose....AKA Engine Nighthawk - don't even ask!

      by Lilyvt on Sun Jul 29, 2012 at 11:05:13 AM PDT

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    •  Mark Twain again nails it... (9+ / 0-)

      "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes."

    •  That was my response (3+ / 0-)
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      Lilyvt, FiredUpInCA, eps62

      Is it easy enough to discover what Obama really simply SEEING THE ENTIRE CLIP.

      I simply refuse to blame the media, who's job isn't to make the ill informed actually READ.

      Case in point, people here seem to have been capable of knowing what the context was. It's been reported plenty of places in the news. If you don't know by now, frankly you are an idiot.

      Arizona: Remember the good old days, when we were just known as the Grand Canyon State?

      by AZ RedWingsFan on Sun Jul 29, 2012 at 11:18:36 AM PDT

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    •  Our side is also not helpful, (4+ / 0-)

      Today, I watched "this week" on ABC, Dana Loesch was on the panel. When the subject of negative ads came up, she of course defended the Romney positoin, that the President was not referring to infrastructure building when he said, "you didn't build that", that that was exactly what he said, Donna Brazille, who I really like was defending the President, but the idiot Loesch just kept saying , "he said that, he said that".She went on to take out of context another quote in another ad they prepared when Obama was talking about "we tried it, and it worked, referring to the taxes under Bill Clinton. she was lumping both of these out of context ads together, with the intent of trying to not only win the argument, but to confuse people in the process. I think George Will piped in with this is the smartest president the  best speaker and all of that other shit saying he knew exactly what he was saying.

      I want to know why Donna Brazille didn't stand up and say, and put these bastards in their place,that this is what the Romney people have done since the very first ad they produced, taking the President's quote about what John McCain said, about "if we talk about the economy, we will lose". This is what they do, and they have done it from day one, so not only should the media take them to task for this type of false advertising, but so too should our guys be out there at every opportunity telling the American people that this is their m.o. and they know no other way, they just, lie, lie and lie some more.

      Some one then said, we have very real issues and very real differences, why isn't anyone making ads to tell this to the American people, rather than focus on this small stuff. Duuh, I seem to remember last week, there was exactly that coming from the President, telling the American people about the choice they have in this election, and the difference between him and Willard. For some reason, that went completly ignored. So are they stupid, or are they not paying attention to anything except the negative ads, and don't care what the hell they say, whether they are lies or not as long as they pound the other candidate, then it is O.K.

      I hate this, and I hate that so much of this stuff is only brought out by the MSNBC people, you hear it nowhere else.

      •  Because if Brazille had, she'd never be invited (0+ / 0-)

        back to the show. Can't have that, now, can we?

        "Lone catch of the moon, the roots of the sigh of an idea there will be the outcome may be why?"--from a spam diary entitled "The Vast World."

        by bryduck on Mon Jul 30, 2012 at 08:18:21 AM PDT

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