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View Diary: Mitt Romney is a frequent and blatant liar. Why don't our guardians of discourse care? (154 comments)

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  •  Yes, golden plates in Upstate New York (8+ / 0-)

    'Found' by a treasure hunter who had been arrested for fortune telling and fraud.

    You really have to suspend your sense of reality and engage in some magical thinking, as all religions do to a certain extent...but other religions have the cover of thousands of years of time making facts get dim in the mists of time.
    We have no surviving court records, verifiable eyewitness accounts or documents from the times of Jesus, Moses or Mohammed.

    •  Yeap, Golden Plates in NY! (2+ / 0-)
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      snazzzybird, eps62

      Wiki-wikipedia: History of the Latter Day Saint movement

      Smith also described many other visions involving angels. Some of his earliest visitations involved a Nephite prophet-warrior, who called himself Moroni. Smith said this angel appeared to him many times, and showed him where to find a set of buried Golden Plates containing ancient writings that the prophet-warrior had sealed in a stone box before his death, together with other artifacts. The writings on the Golden Plates, according to Smith, contained an account of the various nations that inhabited ancient America, and described how they were led to the New World by Jesus, but eventually lost their Christian faith through a series of wars and corruption.
      Ref. link:
      •  I'm amazed that people still buy into this story (1+ / 0-)
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        My Spin

        You would think that modern archaeology and modern DNA testing would make the story a little hard to swallow.

        There certainly are a lot of gullible suckers.

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