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  •  Best idea I've heard from the gun control crowd. (1+ / 0-)
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    Otteray Scribe

    I say let gun owners write the new Second Amendment.  After all, you'll want people who actually know something about "the capabilties of modern weapons."  Leave it to us; we'll take care of you.

    •  Here's my five minute effort.... (6+ / 0-)

      The right of self defense being innate to all living creatures, the innate right of all natural born persons to keep and carry commonly available personal arms shall not be infringed, except for a reasonable time by judicial process.

      Self defense innate to people just like a dog's innate right to bite an attacker.

      Natural born persons, no corporate armies thank you very much.

      Keep and carry, because people are attacked in placed other than their homes.

      Commonly available, so it keeps in step with the times.

      Personal arms, so no crew served weapons, no nukes, no bazookas because those are ordnance - not arms.

      We've seen obama claim that the meetings in the white house meet the requirement for 'due process' without ever getting a judge involved in drone strike assassinations. I want a judge to sign off, so specify judicial process.

      And people only lose their right to keep themselves alive for a reasonable time. No more black folk being denied their rights forever just because some ass in alabama gave them trumped up charges decades ago. Fuck that.

      Someone else have a ten minute effort?

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