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  •  But what gets me about their lie (16+ / 0-)

    is that a lot of people who witnessed the Internet being project created & funded by the US government (& yes, a few other national entities) are not only very much alive but still around, working very visible jobs, reading email & news forums -- & not at all shy about correcting other people when they have their heads up their own asses.

    I had an account with an Internet access provider back in 1994, after I had spent many months researching it. I was one of the first technical support people for Netscape. I remember how people would routinely loose their accounts for making porn available from their ftp accounts (it was considered a waste of bandwidth), or for Make Money Fast spams, & watched the Green Card fiasco play out. And except for a few subordinate networks, until it was privatized in 1995 the Internet was a government-managed project.

    Heck, until some point in the 1980s, the only official way one could get access to the Internet was to either be in the military or be a military contractor. Academic access (as in professors & students who had no connection to military research) came about then.

    In other words, the entire claim that "the government had nothing to do with the creation of the Internet" is a damned lie on the level of Romney claiming responsibility for bailing out the auto industry. Anyone repeating that claim as truth not only ought to be tarred & feathered, they should have their mouth washed out with soap! (And I'll probably be given a few donuts for advocating violence in my post, even though it is the appropriate response.)

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