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View Diary: Gov. Corbett tries to defend his failure to prosecute Jerry Sandusky (143 comments)

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  •  I am aware of all of the information you have (0+ / 0-)

    metioned.  But, I simply don't accept some of your conclusions.

    First, CYS screwed up royally.  That there were two psychologist commissioned to do an evaluation in '98, and only one report was shared, is a disgrace, especially being because they only shared the "Sandusky is ok" report.  Exactly who is involved in the cover up?  Not PSU at this time.  How can CYS claim to be competent?  And they broke or ignored the law by not reporting that Sandusky was under investigation to 2nd Mile.  Completely incompetent, and lacking of the necessary skills required to do their job.  But how can that be held against PSU?  Again, according to Freeh they stayed completely out of the investigation.  

    I agree with you that PSU officials failed in their duty to attempt to located the child in 2001.  To me, this was their largest mistake, and makes them deserving of all the outrage.  But, I do not think they believed the child was being raped in 2001.  Based on the fact that every person who heard McQueary's account, didn't call the police, (including McQueary), makes it quite plausible he never reported what he later described to the DA.  The family friend who was a Dr. (forget his name) testified he asked McQueary 3x if he saw a rape and McQueary answered no each time.  I'm not making accuses for these guys.  They failed.  But there is no evidence that they thought a rape occurred.  In fact, all evidence points to them not believing a rape occurred.  They all reacted exactly the same.

    As to the abuse you suffered, I am truly sorry.  I applaud your dedication to this horrible scandal.  However, I have to say that simply because of your experience, that you believe you have a greater ability to discern "facts", is unfair.  Saying this means you have no want or need to hear any other opinion.  That I must accept what you say as fact.  You do not have any idea of my past or my experience.  I will not throw that out there to lend credence to my arguments.  I have been trying to simply review that facts in an unbiased manner, and base my conclusions strictly on that.  Not what I want or expect the conclusions to be.

    Would it be fair for Mr. Spainer to say, "you have to believe my version, regardless of the facts, because I too an a survivor of  child abuse"?  I think we would all rightly say "no" to that.

    They may well have known.  However, the facts at this time do not make that clear.

    What is clear is that CYS knew something was wrong and did nothing.  What is clear is that the DA allowed Sandusky 3 yrs of unsupervised access to children while they investigated he may well be a serial pedophile.  What is known is the state placed 20+ forster children in Sandusky's home.  And finally, what is known is that 2nd Mile ignored verbal warnings and signs that Sandusky was a serial pedophile.

    Nothing to date has been done to investigate how this guy existed in the world of child care experts and law enforcement officials, and no one tried to stop him.  The PSU punishments, while possibly deserved (I'm still not in complete agreement and really isn't revelant) have done nothing to protect 1 child in Pa.

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