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  •  Not enough (12+ / 0-)

    As we learned in Bush v. Kerry, disliking your opponent only gets you 47% and that's where Kerry was marginally liked. Romney has the potential to do far worse.

    •  Kerry's Only Problem was being Boring (1+ / 0-)
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      Nobody in the Democratic Party suspected that he wasn't a a real Democratic who could not be trusted to adhere to the party's principles. The base may have found him to be uninspiring but they were OK with him and his record. All of the spin and negativity came from the opposition.

      Romney on the other hand does not even have the trust of his own base. They don't really believe he supports their agenda and his only political record is Governor of a Blue State in which everything he did is at odds with who he now claims to be. And Romney can only dream of being boring as his biggest political liability. The truth is that he is innately unlikable.

      Despite the dire predictions, this is absolutely nothing like 2004 in which a very unpopular incumbent pulled out a squeaker running against an uninspiring opponent. Obama is in far better shape then Bush was and Romney is in way more trouble then Kerry was.

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