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View Diary: New Commonwealth Fund Report: By all metrics, Medicare outperforms private insurance (63 comments)

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  •  You are absolutely right (7+ / 0-)

    Let me tell you the BEST thing about turning 65 was access to Medicare.  I had spent the previous ten years only occasionally able to afford medical insurance.  Luckily, I'm healthy, and never had major problems, but turning 65 and being able to qualify for Medicare (and Medicare Supp) was unbelievably wonderful.  I don't worry anymore, and I know if I need care I can get it without bankrupting myself.  Medicare for all is the way to go, and I hope one day we will get there.  

    My aunt, by the way, lives in Switzerland, and at 87 just had to move out of her own apartment and into an assisted living home.  Boy what a difference from what we get here.  She has a beautiful single room with a view of the lake, she is cosseted by educated and knowledgeable nurses, physicians, and gerontologists, and treated in the most humane and respectful way.  Compared to what you get in an assisted living home or convalescent home here (where you weep just walking in the door to see a loved one treated the way many in such homes are here in the U.S.), it is unbelievable the difference in treatment.  No wonder Michelle Bachmann didn't want to give up Swiss citizenship until she had to!

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