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View Diary: NYPD Blacks Out Mural to Censor Artist (147 comments)

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  •  Don't know about America - but NYPD aspires (15+ / 0-)

    to be an equal partner with the FBI and CIA when it comes to enforcing anything anywhere ...  They investigate terrorists and drug traffic at home and abroad.

    Now ... when that means doing Mayor Bloomberg's bidding by  coordinating with private detectives to  sting  "straw buyers" at  Virginia gun dealers -- I'm inclined to say "hoo-raw."

    But, being the Guardians of 9/11 City ... the NYPD tends to be more than a little bit of a law onto itself -- and the Mayor just loves that about them.

    So ... we've got our blatantly racist and oppressive "stop and frisk program".  It does collar the occasional illegal handgun ... but it also puts a few thousand YBM "in the system" each year for marijuana misdemeanors.

    Then there was the wholesale profiling and surveillance of the the several  Muslim communities over the past 10 years.

    And the harassment by perjur-mony of bicycle activists.

    And the "Free Speech" zones which were  such a centerpiece of the security precautions during the Republican Convention here ...

    And, maybe more to the point ... NYPD is one of the MOST professional, best trained and rigorously supervised civil police forces -- especially when compared to places like Memphis and New Orleans.

    If GOOD cops have such a culture of casual disregard of rights and liberties ... just imagine  what the "average" ones get up to.

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