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View Diary: Oops! Mitt Calls Country He's Visiting by the Wrong Name (235 comments)

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  •  Actually, they do (5+ / 0-)

    and you can take that to the ba(n)ker!

    or if your a little short of cash - just short cakes perhaps?


    Take a pound of fine oat meal.
    Quarter of a pound of butter.
    Quarter of a pound of lard.
    Half a pound of sugar.
    A tablespoonful of baking powder and a little salt.
    Mix the butter and lard soft, but do not melt them. Mix them with the oat meal, and knead with a little treacle, and roll into cakes. Put the dough in the dishes rubbed with butter. Place in a hot oven. When they are baked cut into squares.

    Though this has, by far, the most difficult eating directions - for the ladies I assume, Hollantide Eve is 11/11 ..

    (Made on old Hollantide Eve.)

    Mr. William Cashin, Peel Castle.

    A remnant of the ancient mythology -" and they made cakes for the Queen of Heaven." The new moon being considered the goddess of matrimony. The cake must be made of flour and water without any leaven, and in silence, and baked in hot turf ashes. A piece must be eaten walking backwards to bed. A number may join in performance and they are supposed to dream their future husbands.  

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