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View Diary: Romney in London: The embarrassments are the sideshow, the real story is the economy (51 comments)

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    Right now Congress is in the middle of a fight on the Bush Tax Cuts. The GOP is trying to make them permanent. President Obama is closing in on his 2008 promise to extend them only for the middle and working classes.

    This is part and parcel of President Obama's economic reforms and it is not a small matter. It is also aprefect example of GOP obstruction to every one of President Obama's initiatives.

    So you have your cart before your horse. The plans are already out there. The November election is Tea Party Remover. After President Obama's re-election he will claim a mandate and long-opposed reforms will finally pass.

    The plans are out there. they have been out there. One American political party continues to claim "there is no plan". One political party keeps harping that nothing President Obama has done is working. But  voters in the other political party disagree.

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