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View Diary: Democrats introduce bill to raise minimum wage to $9.80 (99 comments)

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    If ever you're tempted to think there's not enough difference between Democrats and Republicans to bother voting, remember that Democrats are the ones trying to give 28 million workers a raise in a way that will stimulate the economy.
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      there are good comments about why dems didn't do this when they had both houses. I wish it were true that dems are better then repubs, I really do, but why did they do nothing when they were finally in control?

      I mean better is a relative term. Dems are not going to say we have to all convert to christianity like teahadists, but when they finally get a chance to do something they don't! Maybe that is worse in the long run, they are fakers and sell outs. At least with repubs you know that what they say is 100% false lies all the time. So you actually know where their bread is buttered.

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