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View Diary: This week in the War on Workers: Another Hyatt activist is out of work. Coincidentally, Hyatt says. (28 comments)

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  •  What's with the Hyatt hating? (0+ / 0-)

    The family behind Hyatt has helped Obama tremendously.  They are our allies.

    Why are we attacking our corporate allies?

    Penny Sue Pritzker (born 1959) is an American business executive, and a member of the Pritzker family of Chicago, one of America's wealthiest business families. She is the founder and current Chair of Classic Residence by Hyatt, or Vi, a chain of luxury senior living communities spread throughout the United States, and the national finance chair of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. In 2011 the Forbes 400 list of "America's wealthiest" showed her as the 263rd richest person in the U.S., estimated net worth of US $1.7 billion.[2] Also in 2011 Forbes listed her as the world's 651st richest person.[2]
    Are we trying to scare away the good corporate citizens who back Obama?  

    Come on.  We can't be trashing our good corporate friend Hyatt like this.  It's unseemly.

    /angry snark

    Now, about all those little donors....

    I voted for Change. Not Three Chiefs of Staff from Wall Street Banks. Not Bernanke, Summers, Geithner, Holder, Simpson, or a Monsanto Lobbyist. Not more Free Trade. Not more Patriot Act. Not defending Wall Street's Savvy Businessmen.

    by Johnathan Ivan on Sat Jul 28, 2012 at 02:28:27 PM PDT

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