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View Diary: Israel: Romney, Walking Gaffe-Man, Insults America's Mid-East Allies (255 comments)

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    I agree with your summation that the diarist points out the disturbing nature of Romney's repeated inept remarks, but the diary itself is not the most informed.

    You correctly listed Turkey's leader as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; the diarist lists President Abdullah Gül. The Prime Minister is the true head of Turkish government, the presidency is a largely ceremonial position. Calling Gül the leader of Turkey is like calling Queen Elizabeth II the leader of the UK.

    Regrettably, I think the extent of Romney's foreign policy experience has been trying to convert the French to Mormonism, not a very good preparation for being the leader of the free world (and not a very good thing to boast about to his "base" that's been at the forefront of French bashing since France refused to bow to the neocons on the invasion of Iraq).

    I laugh to see how he's being abused by a press that's a bit less friendly and restrained than the one he's accustomed to at home (the US press being half on his side, and half so afraid of being called "the liberal media" that they're afraid to criticize anything).

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